NASAC is a consortium of merit-based science academies in Africa and aspires to make the “voice of science” heard by policy and decision makers within Africa and worldwide. NASAC is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of existing national science academies and champions in the cause for creation of new academies where none exist.

As at December 2016, NASAC comprised of  twenty four members.


Women for Science

NASAC’s goal on this project is to appreciate the role of women scientists in science, technology and innovation activities in Africa.

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Africa is a continent with unique but diverse characteristics in terms of societal structures, its economic development and natural resources.

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Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the areas that NASAC concentrates on as a thematic area. NASAC aims at providing policy advice on issues that are pertinent to the African continent.

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Science Education

The NASAC Science Education Programme (SEP) aims to improve quality of science education in Africa.

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Endowment Fund Contributors

The Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) was established on 13th December 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya..
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Mission and Vision

VISION: NASAC aspires to become the ideal science adviser and partner in the African continent.

MISSION: NASAC provides an independent forum for African science academies to offer authoritative credible advice for policy formulation towards economic, social and cultural development.

NASAC’s main objective is to bring together science academies and facilitate discussions on the scientific aspects of challenges of common concern, so as to make common statements on major issues relevant to Africa and to provide mutual support to member Academies..

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