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NASAC: the voice of science in Africa

NASAC was established on 13th December 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya, under the auspices of the Inter Academy Panel, currently known as the Inter-Academy Partnership (IAP).

NASAC is an independent consortium of 29 science academies in Africa.

Through its membership, NASAC facilitates the discussion of scientific aspects of challenges of common concern, make statements on major issues and provide mutual support to the academies. Drawing from this, NASAC specifically aims to provide credible science advice to governments and regional organizations on pertinent issues to Africa’s development.NASAC’s networking capacity serves as an effective resource for communicating appropriate thematic information, as well as coordinate efforts among different sectors and stakeholders in academia, policy and society.

NASAC aspires to be the voice of science and is the affiliate network for Inter Academy Partnership in Africa.

NASAC Membership

The membership of NASAC consists of duly established national science academies in Africa that are merit-based, independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit scientific organizations. Through its members, NASAC seeks to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing among scientists by using evidence-based research to African development policy in the domains of social, natural and economic sciences.

NASAC aspires to make science academies in Africa vehicles of positive change for science itself, policy and societies. In so doing, academies ensure that science contributes to realizing Africa’s full potential and sustainable development.

Strategic Objective

NASAC is dedicated to enabling and inter-connecting African science academies to contribute to science, technology and innovation, to make the voice of science heard by African and global decision and policy-makers, and to establish a culture of science in the continent.

As an independent consortium of science academies, NASAC continues to unite and strengthen its membership to address challenges on the African continent using scientific knowledge and innovative expertise. Specifically, NASAC has continued to provide advice to regional bodies and organizations on science-related issues of importance to Africa’s development through its membership.

It has also enhanced the capacity of academies in Africa to improve their role as independent science advisors to governments and to strengthen their national, regional, and international functions. In turn, this has assisted the scientific community in the continent to set up national independent academies or associations of scientists where such bodies do not exist.

The main goal of NASAC has remained the promotion of scientific excellence so as to create a culture of science in Africa.

Our Aspiration

NASAC aspires to be an authoritative voice of the science community in Africa.

It is therefore only as strong as its members and has remained relevant since its inception by:

  1. Facilitation: Facilitating, through financial or technical support, the formation of science academies in countries where none exist.
  2. Collaboration: Offering science academies a platform for interaction and collaboration with their counterparts worldwide.
  3. Portal: Linking scientists and enhancing the voice in science through their national academies.
  4. Capacity Building: Strengthening existing academies through provision of capacity enhancing resources that facilitate their operations as well as offer training opportunities to their officials and staff members.
  5. Impact: Championing and facilitating effective networking of science academies by harnessing their collective strengths and enhancing their impact at national and continental levels.


NASAC aspires to become the ideal science adviser and partner in the African continent.


NASAC aspires to make science academies in the continent vehicles of positive change for African societies: to make science contribute to Africa’s full potential and sustainable development.

Our growth & organization timeline.


NASAC’s strategic objective is to bring together science academies and facilitate discussions on the scientific aspects of challenges of common concern, so as to make common statements on major issues relevant to Africa and to provide mutual support to member Academies.

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