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Women for Science

NASAC’s goal on this project

is to appreciate the role of women scientists in science, technology and innovation activities in Africa. IAP has been the main funder of this collaborative initiative. Its objective is to establish and initiate activities that will increase the profile and participation of women in national academies.

NASAC aims to advice academies on what they should do to remedy the widespread under representation of Women in Science and Technology (S&T).

Women can and must overcome cultural and other barriers that still exist in their career advancement both in public and private sectors working together with employers and with the education sector to identify ways and embed best practices such as role modeling and mentorship programmes.

The NASAC Women for Science working group purposes at building on existing work of many dedicated women and men, who have tirelessly endeavored to improve the position of women in science and to bring about real and lasting change. The impact of this change will go beyond those women working in science or aspiring to work in science, to help create more inclusive academies for the benefit of the economy and society as a whole.

The Women for Science Working Group (WfS WG) is a convening forum for Women Scientists in Africa which aims to apply the gender-lens in science through shared experiences and priorities of academies by building gender capacity and input of women into academies (involvement and recognition), through networking, supporting and increasing the profile of women in science (visibility) as well as by encouraging the gender mainstreaming of science curricula in education to encourage pursuit of science-careers by girls in schools (role-models).Through the NASAC Women for Science Working Group, NASAC hopes to have more women scientists involved in academy activities. It hopes to ensure that qualified Women Scientists are nominated to become members/fellows in NASAC-member academies to explore the activities to be undertaken in national academies.

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