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Africa is a continent with unique but diverse characteristics in terms of societal structures, its economic development and natural resources. Its complexity demands regionally differentiated solutions for many developmental strategies and security issues. This is also true for water related issues which, despite their overarching nature, are governed by the heterogeneity of African landscapes and climate. 

Despite efforts made by countries and the international community to promote, for example, achievement of the MDGs, a number of countries in Africa fall short of their targets, particularly in relation to water supply and sanitation coverage

Having produced Water Survey reports for Western and Southern African regions under the NASAC-IAP collaborative initiative, the NASAC-Leopoldina programme embarked on a study that would produce the surveys for Northern, Eastern and Central African regions. NASAC, with the endorsement of its members, has developed a science-policy document entitled: The Grand Challenge of Water in Africa – Recommendations to Policymakers. The document addresses, in a merit-based manner, the policy issues that need to be addressed by African policymakers in order to achieve the Africa Water Vision 2025.

This will remain a vital document for the water sector in Africa This publication is in keeping with our objectives of making “the voice of science heard”, this time by policymakers and stakeholders in the water sector.

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