Women In Science – Inspiring Stories from Africa

Women are under-represented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields globally, but the situation is worse in Africa. In ...
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Guidelines for Establishing and Strengthening Academies

NASAC Action Item1: Help create new academies and support existing members with developing strategic plans and concrete work plans. NASAC's ...
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Water Management Issues in Africa Conference Report

Water is a crucial resource with great implications for Africa’s development. Climate change coupled with increasing population growth has led ...
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The Impact of and Adaptation to Climate Change in Relation to Food Security in Africa

Most science academies (and members of NASAC) in Africa are underresourced and have limited institutional capacity, while their potential role ...
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Brain drain in Africa

The migration of African scientists to developed countries represents a personal decision shaped in large measure by an individual’s assessment ...
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Water Programme Launch Report

Water scarcity remains an unsolved issue to policy makers and water researchers.This crisis is likely to worsen due to climate ...
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Building science, technology and innovative capacities in Africa.

We the members of the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) submit this statement for information and action to the ...
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Changing Disease Patterns in Africa – Recommendations to Policymakers

NASAC, with the endorsement of its members, has developed a science-policy document entitled: Changing Disease Patterns in Africa - Recommendations ...
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NASAC e-bulletin Volume 3 Issue 1-2016

We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 3 of the NASAC e-newsletter – Science Networker, Issue 1-2016. View ...
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Biotechnology Policymakers booklet – Recommendations to Policymakers

Harnessing Modern Agricultural Biotechnology for Africa's Economic Development - Recommendations to Policymakers is a science-policy document that has been developed ...
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