Women for Science

NASAC’s goal on this project is to appreciate the role of women scientists in science, technology and innovation activities in Africa. IAP has been the main funder of this collaborative initiative. Its objective is to establish and initiate activities that will increase the profile and participation of women in national academies. NASAC aims to advice..

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Africa is a continent with unique but diverse characteristics in terms of societal structures, its economic development and natural resources. Its complexity demands regionally differentiated solutions for many developmental strategies and security issues. This is also true for water related issues which, despite their overarching nature, are governed by the heterogeneity of African landscapes and..

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Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the areas that NASAC concentrates on as a thematic area. NASAC aims at providing policy advice on issues that are pertinent to the African continent. KNAW was the main funder of the NASAC-Climate Change and under this collaboration, impact was sought to increase the profile of science academies through direct..

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Science Education

The NASAC Science Education Programme (SEP) aims to improve quality of science education in Africa. Given the significance of education in the development of Africa, NASAC established SEP Focal Points from among its membership constituting of individuals who are actively involved in formulating science policies in their countries. The focal-points serve as the advisory body..

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