Capacity Building Report on GMO from ASSAf & KNAS

A policymakers’ booklet: Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa: Mobilising Science and Science Academies for Policy-making was compiled that gives evidence-based scientific advice on how Genetic Modification (GM) regulatory/policy challenges can be overcome. It advices science academies about their policy advisory roles and providing the best evidence-based scientific advice. NASAC provided funding for the compilation..

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Kenya Water Project report-KNAS

The NASAC grant has contributed to capacity building, enhanced collaboration and extension of the  mandate  of  the Kenya National  Academy  of  Sciences(KNAS). KNAS  has  the  overarching mission  to mobilize the  scientific  community  in  the  creation,  maintenance,  and  advisement  of knowledge  in  all fields  of  human  endeavor,  to  effectively  inform  policy,  build  capacity  in research and..

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Zambia Academy of Sciences – Policy Makers Booklet Climate Change

Zambia’s agriculture sector is highly vulnerable to climate change. The vulnerability will  vary  in  different  agro-ecological  regions  of  the  country.  Climate  change  is contributing  to  low  growth  of  the  Zambian  economy.  Agro-Ecological  Regions (AERs) has been used in Zambia for policy and adaptive management purposes since its development in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s..

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