Science Education

The NASAC Science Education Programme (SEP) aims to improve quality of science education in Africa. Given the significance of education in the development of Africa, NASAC established SEP Focal Points from among its membership constituting of individuals who are actively involved in formulating science policies in their countries.

The focal-points serve as the advisory body to the NASAC Board on Science Education matters. The Focal Points work towards providing country-specific science education case-studies for compilation into a report that would capture comparable in-depth information from NASAC member countries. The aim of which is to make a case for Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) considerations in the science curriculum in Africa.  It is hoped that such a report will be useful to inform scientists and educationists and create the basis for NASAC to establish an IBSE pilot programme.

While IAP has been the main funder of the NASAC-SEP initiative since its inception, it is hoped that other funding agencies can also play a role.  Currently, under the NASAC-Leopoldina (German National Academy of Sciences) project, there is a focus to re‐invigorate the activities of the SEP Focal Points to enable the eminent experts foster science for future generations in Africa. Through the project, the Focal Points have been able to exchange progress reports from their different countries and sub‐regions and exchange ideas of how science academies can lobby inquiry‐based science education (IBSE) in their countries. On 27-28 January 2014, the Focal Points held a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya and reviewed SEP activities undertaken so far, discussed the efficiency of in-country science education activities in relation to collective NASAC work and agreed to undertake a survey on the status of IBSE in Africa. This would form the main agenda for the NASAC –SEP activities in 2014.

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Our Mandate

The Network of African Science Academies aspires to act as an independent African forum that brings together Academies of Sciences in Africa to discuss scientific aspects of challenges of common concern, to make common statements on major issues relevant to Africa and to provide mutual support to member Academies. Drawing from this, NASAC aims to specifically facilitate the provision of advice to governments and regional organizations on scientific aspects of pertinent issues to Africa 's development through science academies.


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